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«I like this class because it is a warm and welcoming environment.
I like this class because there is no pressure to participate. Until you are
comfortable to do so.
I like this class because the Spanish is presented by Carolyn in a way that
is attainable and useful for me
I like this class because it has been a great way to make new friends..»​
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«I like this class because we learn about the culture as well as the language.
We learn Spanish through several techniques.
Two of my favorites are using hand and boy movements to learn some
words; the other is reading interesting stories created with word repetition..»​
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«There are many types of activities to learn Spanish in the class such as
reading, playing games, and talking with other students (without the
teacher). We also learn about other Spanish-speaking countries as well..»​
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Ron Burnwood


«I like this class because I can learn and have fun with other people learning
at the same time. It is good for my mind. I need to hear Spanish and speak
Spanish while I learn. The time goes by quickly.»​
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Judy Sewell


«Carolyn makes learning fun. She has a lot of activities to keep the class
engaged. We learn about the world while acquiring the language!»​
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Anne Mcfadden