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About the Classes:

Carolyn teaches two different levels of Spanish. Level One is for beginners and people who aren’t quite ready to have a general conversation. Level Two is for those who have experience with the language and want to speak more in the past tense (or tell their stories).

Classes are two hours long with the first hour focused on everyday conversations and numbers, and the second hour is reading in a daily reader. Rather than memorizing lists and working worksheets, acquisition occurs gradually with in-person experiences with other students.

There are as many as nine levels of fluency. Carolyn has acquired a license to teach Spanish from the University of Northern Colorado.

However, she considers her success with the language due to listening and understanding native speakers, experience in the community, and a continued commitment to practice when possible.

The classes are fun and engaging. They start with a story each semester to introduce the most common verbs in the language. Every daily conversation and reading experience builds using basic high-frequency

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Our Vision

Queremos conectar personas con el idioma de español y la cultura.

Our Vision

We want to connect people with the language and culture.

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